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Dentists Section

At Pentangle Dental Transformations we believe in close collaboration with our Dental fraternity and offer a wide range of services to patients.

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To make a referral for treatment

To make a referral for a CT Scan


Why pentangle?

In 2006 Pentangle Dental Transformations opened as one of the first purpose-built facilities for surgical and reconstructive dentistry in the UK and operates on a referral only basis. No general practice patients are treated in the practice and, with the exception of dental implant treatment, all further routine dental visits are subsequently with the patient’s general dental practitioner. If you refer your patients to us, we undertake to provide the best dental care for your patients and will return them to your care following treatment. No treatment will be provided that you have not referred to us, except with your permission. We pride ourselves on our dedication, empathy and willingness to communicate. We consider these of paramount importance in our work with you and your patients.

Referral Services

  • Dental implant treatment
  • Root canal treatment
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Various forms of 'Tooth surface loss'
  • Replacement of complex failing restorative work
  • Smile Design - adhesive dentistry including veneers, crown and bridgework, cosmetic periodontal surgery & adult orthodontic treatment
  • Replacement of dental amalgam restorations
  • CT scans from dentists planning dental implant treatment or for orthodontists and oral surgeons

Referral for Dental Implants

Stephen Jones and Rob Oretti have placed over 3000 dental implants between them since 1993. They are both mentors for the Association of Dental Implantology UK and members of the European Association of Osseointegration. The team has run courses in implantology and related fields for many years.

The Practice is purpose built referral centre and referring dentists appreciate that the practice was designed for surgical and reconstructive dentistry, and this is what is carried out, day after day. The in-house CT scanner allows us to operate with more accuracy, usually less-invasively than previously.

We wish to support our referring dentists and patients. To this end we work with the three largest dental implant companies, Straumann, Dentsply and Nobel Biocare, for your preference.

Referral for Endodontics

The consultation is more in the nature of a discussion with the patient regarding the tooth’s importance to them and of course the prognosis of the treatment. Therefore these consultations will be charged at £95. If it is possible to start treatment at this first visit then the consultation fee will be waived and incorporated in the overall treatment fee. Typically root canal fees will be £500 to £600 for anterior teeth and £700 to £800 for posterior teeth. Complex root canal re-treatments will take additional visits and will be quoted accordingly.

Invisible Braces

Referral for CT Scans

CT scanning is quietly revolutionising the practice of Implant Dentistry.  Traditionally implants were placed using two dimensional radiographs together with physical investigations like ridge mapping and palpation of bony structures through the soft tissues.  The profession now appreciates that these techniques are highly inaccurate and in many areas of the mouth they are impossible to use.  As a result dental implant surgery used to involve large flaps to visualise the whole surgical field.

The increased visualisation of anatomical structures through CT scanning vastly reduces the morbidity involved with surgery because of the practice of key-hole or flapless surgery, leading to less stress for the implant surgeon and much less post-op pain for the patient.

Please note we do not supply a radiographers report but we will send you a CD containing the patient's CT data on the same day.