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Other Advanced Services

Pentangle Dental Transformations is delighted to be one of only a handful of dental practices in the UK to offer a full spectrum of services for patients and referred patients click here to book an appointment.

Invisible Braces

Specialist Endodontics
(Root Canal Treatment)

Your health of your root canal is just as important as the health of your tooth’s surfaces and gums. And, just as a tooth can get a cavity and need a filling, a root canal can become infected and need treatment. The nerve of the tooth can become infected and this infection can lead to an abscess, which can be painful.

If root canal therapy (RCT) is not carried out, you may need the tooth to be taken out. Using advanced clinical technologies our endodontists provide specialist professional care, making this complex treatment seem relatively simple and allaying anxiety you may feel.

It is usually is pain free procedure that restores the tooth, remedies tooth pain, and keeps you smiling.


CT Scans

Pentangle Dental is delighted to be one of a handful of dental practices in the UK to offer the advanced technology provided by the I-CAT vision CT scanner.

The I-CAT scanner uses state of the art x-ray technology to provide high definition three-dimensional images of the teeth and jaws. These images are achieved by using a far lower x-ray dose compared to traditional scanners.

With a typical scan time of 20 seconds or less provides us with superior images and enhanced information often allowing for less invasive key-hole surgery, thereby reducing post-operative comfort.

If you have been referred for a scan: Please contact the practice to book in the time, which is convenient to you. We are open between 8:30am and 5:00pm and you can obtain your scan very quickly with no waiting time.